Burlington Route Depot and Caboose

The Plano Depot was built in Chicago, Illinois and hauled to Plano on flatcars in the 1850’s. It was built by the C.B. & Q Railroad (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad) in the Gothic Style architecture. It was one of the first prefab buildings in Kendall County.

The depot was used until 1914 or 1915 when the new depot was built. At that time, its location was moved 1/2 block east and it was used as a freight house and various businesses. It was moved to Lyon Farm in 1978.



The Caboose was built at the C.B. & Q (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad) shops located in Aurora, Illinois in 1918. It was used on the Fox River Line for 56 years. The Caboose was moved to Lyon Farm in 1974.